About us

Pure Light Global is a very unique creation!  

It is called Pure Light because “Pure” means: complete and total. “Light” in this case means understanding and knowledge which leads to enlightenment.

Hi, I’m Don Clay, the Founder of Pure Light Global. 
I am focused on getting people like you an opportunity to communicate/share your thoughts, beliefs and artistic creations of any kind! 
Am I saying that I know all and intend on telling you how the world is and the way you should lead your life? – NO WAY! 
Pure Light Global is intended to be a safe place to come relax if need be and confidently share your world with us. If for any reason you aren’t doing your best, come visit us and experience some of the most beautiful and creative people in the world!
View the pictures, videos, artwork or listen to music! You may even post your own if that makes you feel better! 

The point is to come here, feel better and then go handle any challenges you ran into ! I know you can do it! You are so much stronger, more able and creative than you give yourself credit for!   
If we at Pure Light Global can help you feel better, be happier and communicate a little bit more – we have achieved out goal!
We are here when you need us!