A Growing Demand For Hemp

Do you feel frustrated when the government puts it nose into just about everything we do? I do!

Just let us get on with it!

I’m a proponent of industrial hemp due to the 100’s if not 1000’s of uses for it.

“There is growing demand across the nation for hemp production, resulting in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) looking into approving federal rules regulating the industry. To help with that effort, Purdue University has received a USDA grant to study hemp production.”

Wait a minute! Hemp is NOT psychoactive and is NOT going to get anybody high. Why does the USDA need make rules and regulations about how to grow it?

The article went on extolling the many uses for hemp, but then it struck me! Is the government actually getting behind the production of hemp, which has been banned in the the US for the past 80 years or so?

Will the US hemp production be put on hold until Purdue University figures out the best way to grow organic hemp? Hemp is being grown all over of the world! Some farmers in Canada has been growing it for the past 15 to 20 years. Go to amazon.com and you’ll see they grow organic hemp hearts!

Why don’t we find out from those who already know how to grow it?

It’s like the concept of “Standard of Care” in the medical world. A doctor can lose their license or be sued if they don’t comply to the “standard of care”. This link explains how it is determined … and it’s not at all straightforward.

  “There is no exact formula to determine the standard of care …” “Attorneys will also present current clinical practice guidelines to demonstrate the current standard of care and where a doctor fell short.”

Well, that is a topic for another day, by someone who knows more about it than me. Anyone out there want to volunteer to write it?

Here’s another quote from the article on hemp;

 “but the reality is that this is a crop we haven’t grown on significant acreage for 70 to 80 years,” Gibson said in a press release.  “The knowledge base to be successful needs to be developed.”

Hemp hasn’t been out lawed in other countries for the last 70 to 80 years! The knowledge base is there already! Why does it need to be reinvented by Purdue University?

Although the article didn’t say how much money Purdue University would get, I’ll bet it’s enough to get the researchers to give the USDA the results they want. If you don’t make the funder happy, you don’t get more grants in the future.

Here is another fun fact, in the early days of the United States,

“British colonies compelled by law to grow hemp”

Three hundred years ago everything was grown organically because there were no commercial pesticides or herbicides – DUH! So now we have 2 great sources of knowledge for growing organic hemp successfully, but the USDA feels it needs to fund a study so that they can make some rules and regulations.

Just let the farmers get on with it!

They have a vested interest in growing a great product and not get caught up in all the governmental red tape! Do we really need the USDA to interfere in this?



2 thoughts on “A Growing Demand For Hemp

    • Don Clay
      Don Clay says:

      Hello Madeleine,
      You are so correct, but there is a solution! We just have to focus on what we are doing and don’t worry about the government. We create the world we want! That is why we have to band together with like minded people who are actually working to make a better world!

      Together we can do it!

      Love and Light,

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