Can a Scorpion sting be helpful?

Don’t you love it when you can learn lessons in life …especially if it doesn’t hurt too much?

As I began watering my garden today, I had the idea that I should clean out some rain gutters, so that I could collect rain water in the coming rain. So I stopped, put some semi-good work gloves on, got a ladder, climbed up and proceeded to get stung as I grabbed my first handful of leaves!

I’ve been stung by bees before and they hurt, but this one really hurt and it lasted longer than expected! I looked down and there was a scorpion on the backside of the not so good work glove.

I ripped it off and through it into the nearest bucket just in case!

In the past I’ve done some study of scorpions in the past, since I lived in Arizona and Costa Rica. Both places have them and in fact I’ve seen and killed some in the past, but I never took the next step to find out what to do if I got stung by one.

My mind started to tell me, “Don, I know you’ve read in the past that most scorpions are not dangerous, but there are some that are and Jan has told you that it’s not the big ones you have to worry about, it’s the small straw colored ones. Well, guess, what, the one that just stung you was a small straw colored one!”

My mind didn’t stop there, it continued with, “In addition to that, Jan’s not around to take care of you today, she’s in the US and there is a 4 hour difference! You could be dead long before she even wakes up and turns her phone on!”

I need to bring everyone up to speed, Jan is my lovely wife, who is a retired MD, that has trained herself on a variety of natural cures and remedies for just about everything and what my mind was telling me was not helping the situation any.

My first instinct is to run, but I realize that I’m about 200 meters from the house and that is probably not the best thing to do, so I slowed down, raise my hand above my heart and walk slowly back to the new house.

In searching the Internet, I got confirmation that I mostly likely don’t have anything to worry about and I now know the symptoms to look for if it were a “killer” scorpion.

Besides, only small children and old people are the only ones that normally die of this kind of bite. That may be true, however, my mind kicked-in again and in no uncertain terms said, “But Don, you are old – you’ll be 61 in a couple days! That is old! Think about when you were a kid, your grandparents were about this age and they were very old!”

I’ve studied quite a bit about the mind and I have learned that we have one to help us survive and overcome problems in life. Often it does, but when something unexpected and potentially “bad” happens, the reactive part of the mind tends to kick in and NOT help at all!

Thankfully, I remembered seeing a great quote this morning on Facebook regarding the mind. It was so good I shared it!

I laughed and was totally handled. Another great saying came to mind, “Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you!” Thank you Robin for your opportunity to be in your fantastic movie! I remember saying those exact words!

I was then able to search and found many natural pain remedies for scorpion bites. The first was Frankincense essential oil (also known as Boswelia frereana). That was great, since I knew we had some. So, I put some on and it reduced the pain.

Here’s another link. It might come in handy.

Plantains were one of the remedies and since some time had passed and the pain was coming back some, I got a leaf, chewed it up and applied it to my finger. That worked too!

I can safely say that getting stung happened for me! It helped me learn more about scorpions, how to treat the stings naturally and it refreshed the idea of don’t pay attention to the mind when it gets out of control. Last but not least, it helped my with a new blog post!

Over all, I came out on the plus side of the column!

Merry Christmas, Don

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