Cancer is not a Death Sentence!

What Do Seeds And Cancer Have In Common?

Have you ever thought about what a seed really is?

I think of a seed as Nature’s perfect software and hardware composite!

When you plant a tomato seed or a dandelion puff ball gets scattered to the wind or a bird deposits a seed far from the fruit it just ate, there is a chance that those seeds will sprout and grow into a new plant.

But we don’t know which ones will do that. What is the difference between the one that grows into a tomato plant or a dandelion or an apple tree and those that don’t?

Each seed is like a software program that is able to get feedback from the environment and when the conditions are right, the seed will “activate” and start growing!

Every plant has its own set of requirements, such as temperature, the right amount of water, the right kind of soil, which could include the proper pH, salinity, organic matter, etc. And for some seeds the length of day is important.

Many plants have very specific requirements while others are much more forgiving and will grow just about anywhere. We call those weeds, but that doesn’t make them less useful and valuable!

How do you create the right environment for your plants to grow?

This is what farmers and gardeners are constantly trying to figure out. If the environment is perfect, you will have the most amazing plants! If it is less than perfect, it will not be as good. As you get further and further from the ideal scene, they get weaker and weaker, until they die or don’t even sprout in the first place.

While watching a free documentary called “Eastern Medicine – Journey Through Asia”, it shows how cancer is treated and cured using natural modalities. It hit home that our bodies are not any different than plants.

Nature has supplied us with a tremendous variety of foods. They have certain nutritional “pay-loads” and when we eat them, our bodies break them down and use the building blocks to grow and/or repair our bodies. That is the simplicity of it.

If we feed our body the proper food, it does better, and if we don’t it doesn’t do as well. If we feed it badly, we develop disease and die! Just like plants.

There are two basic things that are required for life to become established and grow: the right environment and proper nutrition.

This was a reoccurring theme from all the doctors and researchers I was listening to. Give the body what it needs, eliminate toxins so that it can work properly and it will heal itself! It’s that simple! That is what many “alternative treatments” do and they have been achieving miracles.

For example, bodies in general work better when it has a slightly alkaline environment, a pH of 7.4. Cancer doesn’t grow in a well-oxygenated alkaline environment … it likes a low-oxygen, acidic environment.

If a person eats the wrong food and ingests toxins from pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, and hundreds or even thousands of other things that shouldn’t be in the body, the environment will change and become more friendly to cancer and other chronic diseases. We can see that diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disease and other diseases are on the rise for the last 30 years.

If a plant is sick and we find out what it needs and give it to it, it recovers. The same is true for a human body.

Because cancer loves an acid environment processed sugar is the perfect food to give to it! It makes an acid environment and the cancer cells love it! It will flourish and it will spread.

The first step is to change the environment by giving the proper food/nutrition! Then the body can function properly and get rid of the cancer on its own!

There was a great quote by Dr Selvan Rengasamy. “The body is not crying for radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The body is crying to heal itself with Nature.”

I’ve known for quite some time that chemo and radiation are harmful, both my parents died of cancer … or was it the treatment?

Conventional cancer treatment in the USA uses chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Two are very toxic and the third is very hard on the body! Why put your body through this? There are so many foods and effective alternative treatments that are able to help fight cancer!

Life becomes simple when you have the truth. For example many of the alternative doctors use high-dose intravenous vitamin C and get great results! Did you know that Linus Pauling, the inventor of this treatment is a two time Nobel Prize winner?

Maybe the pharmaceutical companies didn’t like it because it would cut into their profits? In fact if you do your research, he was first praised and then torn to pieces professionally. Today, it is being proven to be true by people who risk their careers to deliver unconventional treatments.

Regardless, I am relived and happy that cancer treatment is evolving from a toxic torture to one of humane treatment that follows the laws of Nature! Give the body what it needs to heal itself and do no harm!

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