[Sticky] Before You write your first post, please read this.  

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Hello and welcome to the Pure Light forum! 

You have the opportunity to help shape this mini-universe into a world to your liking. Feel free to communicate with others and share things you think are amazing and make you happy! Let's make this a place where everyone can come, feel safe and know nobody is going to criticize or put you down, regardless of the beliefs or creations you share.

No one wants a lot of rules about what can and cannot be said, however, this is not the place to put others down, tell them they are wrong or stupid. The focus is on creative activities that build each other up, not tear anyone down.

Share your favorite pictures, movies, books, art or music. What are your goals? What would you love to talk about today? If you have a hobby or other pursuit that you want introduce to others, go for it! For example, I love to play Ultimate Frisbee! Many people have never heard of it, so here is a picture that shows you a little bit about it. Whether or not you like it, I bet you’ll see that those playing have passion!




And isn't passion what life is all about! Tell us about your passion or anything you find interesting.

There is a special section called “Controversial Topics”. This may not be for everyone, but if you want to talk about politics, religion, vaccination, environmental issues, or any other topics that may cause some upset, please do it there and be civil. You might be surprised that others with different viewpoints really aren't as ignorant or illogical as you may have thought. We all have reasons for believing the way we do.

Please treat others as you would like to be treated. If you can’t do that, you will be asked to leave. This is your opportunity to really ask questions and then actually listen to the answers. If they are crazy, so be it. If you choose to respond, do it tactfully. I'm sure you'll find others you have more in common with. We can all learn and grow from this kind of interaction.

Most of all - HAVE FUN! CREATE THINGS THAT PLEASE YOU! Let’s show the world that this is possible and you'll be proud to be a part of something extraordinary!


Posted : 14/10/2019 10:04 pm
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