Could You Have A Year Of Gratefulness?

Happy Thanksgiving from Pure Light Global!

Most if not all countries have some form of holiday in which they give thanks for what they have. It is is very rewarding experience when done regularly, not just once a year.

Yes, I know most of you who are reading this know this concept and may be about ready to stop reading if I don’t get more original!

OK, here it comes! I have found a way to be more grateful and really mean it!

I once did a drill in which I had to feel “rewarded” for everything that happened to me that day and for the next week! At first I didn’t really understand what that meant, but then, in a very short amount of time, it hit home!

I got a nice phone call and I thought, “Wow, I just got rewarded!”

Then Jan made me some great food! I got rewarded again. Then something not very good happened and I thought, Huh? How is that a reward. I had to think for a bit, but then I got it! This “bad” experience gave me a chance to figure out how to handle this “bad” situation with grace and ease. Thank you!

It also gave me a chance to expand my viewpoint and ability! I realized that if I’m never pushed to expand, I’m not going to improve. Sure I knew that to some degree already, but like so many things, the realization gets deeper, stronger and more stable!

The great thing about drills like this, you are not going to have exactly the same realization and gains. They may be similar, but you will have your own wins and gains – treasure them!

This feeling of being rewarded makes it easier for me to feel thankful and grateful. I don’t have to search and search to find something – anything! Just get the feeling of feeling rewarded.

A secondary benefit I received is that it really drove home that the Law of Attraction really does work!

That antagonistic response I received, was very similar to the one or ones I gave to other people! What I send out, I get back!

I hope this helps you today to have a better Thanksgiving and a better life! It becomes second nature if you do it enough!

Love and Light,


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