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There are many doctors who are getting great results in treating many diseases and chronic illnesses. Mainly working with the body, which includes strengthening the immune system!

Dr Sircus is one of them!

Here is an article that makes so much sense! Please read it with an open mind. He has many linked references which he uses to support his information. Read them as best you can. Some of them might be a bit hard to understand, but you will get the point. It is not fake or unsupported. There is evidence for everything he says.

Below (in italics) is just a part of the article to wet your appetite for more!

Sounds good but if we follow just some of these fine doctors advice below we will not need the ventilators. If we treat correctly, with knowledge and medical wisdom, even those with preconditions don’t have to die, not from this infection, though many thousands a day are dying from other causes.” 

Medical authorities and the media will not listen to Dr. Andrew Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist affiliated with two Northwell Health facilities on Long Island, who said his intensive-care patients with the coronavirus immediately receive intravenous vitamin C, three or four times a day.”

They will not listen to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s medical team in New York, which has used simple cocktail of three cheap, proven, widely available drugs to successfully treat at least 500 patients with the coronavirus. It’s an out-patient treatment combining the common anti-malarial drug hydroxy-chloroquine with the popular antibotic azithromycin (known as Z-Pak) and zinc sulfate.” He has been 100 percent at saving all his patients lives.

McGill University presented the work of Dr. James Robb, a pathologist who carried out some of the early work on coronaviruses back in the 1970s, claims that zinc lozenges are the “silver bullet against the coronavirus.” Dr. Robb referred to research that had demonstrated an inhibition of the replication of many viruses, including coronaviruses, by exposure to zinc.

Zinc inhibits coronavirus RNA polymerase enzyme activity, the very methodology by which coronavirus infection is confirmed in the laboratory. The published medical literature indicates zinc supplementation “seems beneficial” for diarrhea, tuberculosis (a lung infection), acute lower respiratory tract infection. Zinc is required to maintain thymus gland function to produce life-long antibodies from T-memory cells.

Vitamin D may play an important role in the treatment and prevention of Covid-19, the coronavirus, suggests a study from the University of Turin, which analyzed the relationship between the deficiency of this nutrient in the body and viruses. Professor Giancarlo Isaia, president of the Academy of Medicine, said that “preliminary data collected in the last days in Turin indicate that patients with covid-19 have a very high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency ”.

Vitamin D has an active role in the regulation of the immune system. Evidence indicates that the compound has an effect ‘in reducing the risk of respiratory infections of viral origin, including that of the coronavirus’. The lack of vitamin D in the body is frequently associated with several chronic diseases that can reduce life expectancy in the elderly, all the more so in the case of covid-19 infections”.

The authors said, “These indications derive from countless scientific evidences that demonstrated an active role of vitamin D in the modulation of the immune system, the frequent association of hypovitaminosis D with numerous chronic pathologies that can reduce life expectancy in the elderly”, even more in the case of Covid-19 infection, an effect of vitamin D in reducing the risk of respiratory infections of viral origin, including those caused by coronavirus and the ability of vitamin D to neutralize lung damage caused by hyperinflammation.”

High doses of vitamin D supplements has also been shown to lessened the replication of the HIV virus, increased immune cells and reversed iron deficiency seen in winter, the researchers said. ‘Vitamin D3 presents a low-cost supplementation to improve HIV-associated immunity.’

They will not listen to Dr. David Brownstein who says said, “At my office, we are not worried about COVID-19. We have been successfully treating coronavirus, influenza, rhinovirus and many other viral flu-like illnesses for 27 years. We have had success using natural therapies to enhance the body’s immune system as well as to kill viruses including flu-like viruses. Today, I ordered intravenous hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, ozone, and glutathione for my sick patients. I am confident these therapies will help them recover uneventfully.” Hydrogen peroxide is already being used to clean masks so they can be used again! (For the complete article click HERE.)

How did you like that?

Does that give you hope?!

If so, please share this information far and wide, We need to get people healthy and quickly! We also need to get people back to work even faster to soften the blow of the coming economic challenges!

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