Creating a Better World

“What the world needs now is love sweet love…” are words from a song composed in 1965 by Hal David and Burt Bacharach.* It was true then, it’s true today and will always hold true! But if you look at history, there seems to have been a serious lack of “love sweet love”. Without dwelling on the past, some obvious examples are wars, the class systems and slavery.

A less obvious example is people who are trying to keep or regain their health, using diets that are healthier by getting away from toxic medications, herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified foods. They all agree those are not good, but then get into heated arguments about what is the best approach: vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, raw food, low fat, etc. These people may have more in common than not! Arguing about whose way of eating best is a bit nonproductive if they all agree that eating toxic food isn’t acceptable!

 Where’s the Love?

Wouldn’t you rather see these groups of people who are in some way trying to improve the world unite, even though they don’t always agree? Shouldn’t we be teammates, not opponents? At the very least, let’s not fight each other. Some people say we should just “tolerate” others.

To “tolerate” gives the idea of I don’t agree, but I’ll allow you to do that or be that way. How about accepting people for who they are … being secure enough to receive them with approval or favor?

The fact is, we all may have somewhat different goals!

For example, one person’s goal is growing food for large populations, another’s is creating a better health care system, a better legal system, promoting self sufficiency with DIY books, promoting human rights … and the list goes on! But we can all help to build a better world.

Let’s help people find their particular goals and dreams, and then pursue them. If they already know what they want to do, support and encourage them! If we have enough people who are living their passion, we will create massive change!

Use this website to find others who share your goals and dreams, and work with them. Then everyone won’t have to build their own organization from the ground up.

Today I was messaging with my friend, Kiama Robert from Nairobi, Kenya.

We met on Face Book and his goal, since I’ve known him, has always been growing food for Africa.

This is what he posted a couple days ago: “Agricultural productivity in Africa MUST rise for us to achieve mass poverty reduction and improve food security. Transforming the agricultural sector will also help spur manufacturing sector growth in African countries.”

Then he went on to say that he had been flooded out twice. Without seeking sympathy, he said, “But I’m still working. Nature has it’s own way… I can’t complain.”

How cool is that! I admire him and his goals so much! He is the type of person I’m looking ot help and support using Pure Light Global! Someone who has a goal and keeps going forward even in the face of setbacks and challenges!

If you would like to find out more about what he is doing and maybe even help him, here is his FB link.

One of Kiama’s main goals is growing industrial hemp, not pot. It looks similar, but industrial hemp isn’t psychoactive. What it does have is a tremendous amount of other applications including, but not limited to food, building materials, fuel and clothing!

If you haven’t seen a demonstration of just how strong hemp “plastic” is, watch this footage from 1941 of a man hitting a car made from hemp fiber with a sledgehammer! You won’t believe it! It is only 38 second long.

Here’s a TED Talk link to learn more about hemp.

I would love to hear about your goal(s). Please comment below and then if you’d like to, post it under “Goals and Dreams” in the forum for further discussion.

Love and Light,

Don Clay

* Youtube video of the song “Love Sweet Love”.

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