EMERGENCY UPDATE – How to Kill Any Coronavirus!

Hello All My Friends,

  I just found out that the video concerning “How To Kill The Coronavirus” has been taken off of YouTube, that is the reason why you aren’t able to see it anymore when you click on the link in my latest blog – “How to Kill Any Coronavirus”.

This is actually great news! It proves to me that the information in this video is a threat to the people that want to virus to spread!

I have now put the video on my website , so that you may view it and spread the word! We really need to keep this video safe so that it can go viral and spread faster than the virus itself!

I encourage you to step up by watching it, saving it, posting it, giving it to everyone you know and then keep doing it. We can get this around the world in days!

The technique is so simple just about anyone can do it! It is based on the fact that the Covid-19 is heat sensitive and if you can heat it enough, it dies! There is a study referenced in the video that shows that approximately 133 degrees F/56 degrees C kills Coronaviruses. Now we can eradicate it following the instructions in the video!

Watch the video here before “they” try to stop me! They can’t stop all of us!

Click Here For the Video

Once you have seen the video, if it makes sense to you, take action! We don’t have a lot of time to get this virus under control.

Click here to buy the MP-3 of Dr Lee Dimke’s book “Conquer The Common Cold and Flu”.

Conquer the Common Cold & Flu
Listen to this and use the information to prevent or rid your body of the Coronavirus!

Doesn’t it feel great that there is some YOU can do to actually help!

Love and Light,

Don Clay

Founder and CEO of Pure Light Global

Here is a link to the study mentioned. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/av/2011/734690/

I am not a doctor or trained healthcare provider. Anything I say or write is just my opinion and what I would do in a given situation. Treat any flu or serious illness seriously. Seek medical attention if necessary. Do your own research and decide for yourself what to do.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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