George Carlin’s take on Germs And The Immune System!

Don’t you think it’s time for a little humor? Considering that it’s George Carlin that is entertaining us, you might even learn a few things!

Warning the following video contains offensive language that children should not be exposed to (thought the lesson is very pertinent).

I know “germs” can be a bit scary, especially now, but it is true that our immune system has been created to keep us healthy. Sure we might get sick sometimes, but then we have antibodies to handle that germ in the future.

Enough said for now, enjoy George Carlin’s video and see how he exercises and makes his immune system stronger!

Please continue to follow my blogs as I will be writing one that explains very simply, how a bacteria or virus seemingly builds a resistance to an antibiotic or antiviral.

Love and Light,

Don Clay

Founder and CEO of Pure Light Global

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