Injustice For All?

Hello All my Pure Light brothers and sisters!

With the launch of, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite authors – Dr. Sam J Schaller!

He is releasing the 3rd book of the Rational Fear series called “Injustice for All” on November 2, 2019! It is in pre-sale now on, so that you an purchase it right now and on November 2nd it will be sent to you automatically.

Between today and November 3rd, you can also buy his first two eBooks for only $.99 each. After that, the price will increase to $4.99.…/injustice-for-all-rational…/…

“The Powers That Be” is the first of the series. It is the powerful story of Kate Willis, aka Razilee Martin, a bright, upwardly-mobile environmental chemist who risks everything to follow her dream of a world unrestrained by an artificial shortage of clean energy. But the Powers That Be have their own agenda. Do they want her inventions, to use her paranormal abilities, or do they just want her dead? Through unexpected twists and betrayals, across 8 countries and 5 continents, she grapples with ruthless government suppression and ambitious intelligence officers. Against overwhelming odds, she pursues her vision, with her husband Jack, to find that freedom, integrity and redemption have a higher price tag than they had ever imagined.

“Debt to Society” the second in the series, Kate, Jack, and their young son, are hiding in the open in a quirky neighborhood in Geneva, Switzerland, along with Kelly, Katya and Laryssa, while still trying to stay a step ahead of the powers-that-be. Despite their new identities and altered appearances, utmost alertness is required for them to remain safe as they dodge assassins and various spy agencies.

While Kelly trains and expands the ranks of the Freedom Fighters, whom some would call true patriots while others would label terrorists, the women publish the Rational Fear Blog, which attracts a huge and diverse following. They deal with a variety of rational fears, ranging from personal and public debt to the loss of civil liberties to vaccination and GMO foods; all things that rational people would find threatening.

As Kate’s paranormal abilities increase and expand, she struggles with the ethics of her involvement with the Freedom Fighters, who plan to turn a deadly designer virus back on the very Elite, who seek to use it to wipe out much of the world’s population. She also struggles to overcome her old injuries and raise a child who, at the age of three, already shows signs of having the same or even more abilities than she.

With unswerving loyalty to one another, they are catapulted from one dangerous situation to the next, somehow landing on their feet and keeping a sense of humor. That is, until an unpredictable event brings their world crashing down.…/debt-to-society-rational-fe…/

“Injustice For All”, continues the story of Kate, Jack, their son Andre and the Freedom Fighters. Through legal maneuverings in both military and international courts. Kate again must make hard choices that will at least temporarily tear her family apart with the hope that they can some day have a safe future together. But hidden influences make a rough and surprising road they all must travel, with no happy ending in sight.…/injustice-for-all-rational-…/

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