Is Health The Most Important Thing?

Happy New Years!

2020 has started and is leading us into a new decade as well! What we do in the next few days, weeks and months is going to set the path for your future, so it is vitally important we take some effective action … Now!

I know we all have dreams, but more importantly, we need to define what our goals are and then making plans and action steps to achieve them!

There is a very famous quote stating: “There is nothing more important than your health.”

Is it true? How about your kids? Your spouse? Your religion? The list goes on! It can be argued very successfully that anyone one of them is most important, however, if you lose your health, you can kiss your goals good bye.

To have the best chance of achieving your goals, you have to be vibrantly healthy which gives you the highest amount of energy possible! What happens when a person breaks their leg? Getting anything done comes to a screeching halt! When you have the flu, it’s impossible to be on the top of your game. You can try like heck, but let’s face it, it’s going to affect you negatively.

I think you get the point, health is very important!

I have unique situation in that I when I started visiting Costa Rica and eventually moving there, I saw a country that was very healthy, even in the larger cites. Shorty there after Costa Ricans started falling in love with the typical US diet of fast food and sugar! In a matter of a few short years I saw them get fat and sick! Almost as bad as in the US. Then I saw the same thing happen in Uruguay!

I wasn’t alone in all this, my wonderful wife, Janis Johnson who is a retired MD saw all this too! She left medicine because she knew it didn’t have answers to all the chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, not to mention “new” ones like leaky gut syndrome and auto-immune disease!

Conventional medicine doesn’t get down to the root cause of illness. It treats symptoms and in many cases puts you on multiple medications for the rest of your life!

Janis is the expert and she cares deeply about people’s health, so she wrote a very simple and easy to understand book that can help anyone! If you may be wanting to lose a few pounds or fighting a fatal illness, her book can help you!

It is very appropriately named: “Do You Really Want To Get Well?”

If you want to have vibrant health, follow the experience of a Medical Doctor, who had to learn how to over come a couple life threatening illnesses, Buy this book now and discover the simple secrets of health!

The Kindle version is only $4.97 and the paperback version is only $6.97 plus shipping and handling!

This simple book will help you attain vibrant health!
Buy it now!

Wishing you the best year ever!

Don Clay

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