Does Your Health Matter?

Hello All My Friends,

I want to let you all know that PureLight.Global is changing its emphasis a bit. Health will be its main area of focus.

A recent blog post asked the question; “Is there anything more important than your health?”

It can certainly be argued that it is the most important thing, but I realized that I needed to change the quote just a bit to: “Is there anything more important than health?”

You notice that “your” is missing. I left that out because I wanted to make a point. Have you ever had a loved one get sick or have a bad accident?

What happened to your attention?

It went directly to that person, which is normal. You should do whatever you can to help or at least give support to them. You might even help them with whatever they need to get done while they are recovering.

However, how does that effect your life and what you need to get done? I could even ask the question, how does a situation like this, make you feel?

You might feel unsure what to do because you aren’t a doctor or alternative healthcare provider. You start doubting yourself, lose sleep, not eat properly …etc.

Let’s just say you aren’t at the top of your game and your life suffers to a greater or lesser degree. Their setback becomes your setback.

As you know, chronic illness is on the rise and there seems to be no end in site. Conventional “healthcare” is really “sickcare” and a massive failure in preventing or treating chronic disease.

Most of us don’t go see a doctor when we are healthy, only when we are sick… and often we put it off as long as possible, making it harder to reverse.

Most conventional treatment only treats symptoms, never getting down to the underlying cause. So the problem doesn’t resolve, but over time just gets worse and worse and you get put on more and more drugs!

In a nutshell, this is why PureLight.Gloabl is going to focus on real healthcare. There are incredible people out there really helping others stay healthy; reversing and even curing just about any disease!

Just to let you know, I’m not going to stop talking about controversial thing such as GMOs, chemtrails, glyphosate, vaccines and anything else that affects your health!

We will also be addressing topics like Epigenetics, Practical Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction. Knowing these types of things can and will help you attain better health for you and those you love!

Please tell us what questions you have and what you have discovered to be true and helpful in the field of real healthcare. Exchanging and sharing information is exactly what we need right now because there are so many unhealthy conditions and challenges.

As you can see, Your health matters, but just as important is the health of all your loved ones too!

PureLight.Global is looking for guest bloggers so that we can reach even more people! We also want to unite groups and as we do that, everyone become more and more powerful and can create effective change more quickly!

Please share this information with anyone whose health you care about!

Love and Light,

Don Clay

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