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Look What Happens To Animals Fed Genetically Modified Soy!

Jeffery Smith has been a leading the fight against genetically engineered food since they first came out in the 1990s. Some people see him as a hero and arguably the world’s foremost expert on the topic of genetically modified foods. Others who see him as a fraud and a real thorn in the side of […]

Is There A Defense Against The Corona Virus?

I’m sure that most people have heard about the Corona Virus. The media is certainly reporting how bad it is, how many people have died, how many countries have been affected and how air travel to China is being restricted by many countries. I’m not saying this is or is not just a “normal” viral […]

Do You Know What Chemtrails Are?

Many of us have been watching chemtrails for many years, even decades, but there are are still those who don’t know what we are talking about when we point at the sky and “See that chemtrail!” They go blank because they don’t understand and/or they can’t believe that something like this is going on. A […]