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Court Orders Bayer to Pay $265 Million to Farm Hit by Deadly Herbicide – Dicamba!

The Tipping Point Is Coming! The latest judgment against Monsanto/Bayer is a really big one – $265,000,000! Of course this sets a precedence in which other farmers can use to sue Monsanto/Bayer too! There are approximately 140 more in regards to Dicamba! I would like you to read the whole article,so I will tell you […]

Look What Happens To Animals Fed Genetically Modified Soy!

Jeffery Smith has been a leading the fight against genetically engineered food since they first came out in the 1990s. Some people see him as a hero and arguably the world’s foremost expert on the topic of genetically modified foods. Others who see him as a fraud and a real thorn in the side of […]

Does Your Health Matter?

Hello All My Friends, I want to let you all know that PureLight.Global is changing its emphasis a bit. Health will be its main area of focus. A recent blog post asked the question; “Is there anything more important than your health?” It can certainly be argued that it is the most important thing, but […]

Cancer is not a Death Sentence!

What Do Seeds And Cancer Have In Common? Have you ever thought about what a seed really is? I think of a seed as Nature’s perfect software and hardware composite! When you plant a tomato seed or a dandelion puff ball gets scattered to the wind or a bird deposits a seed far from the […]