Why Hasn’t The 5G Industry Tested To Prove It’s Safe?

When a new technology comes to market it is always tested to prove it is safe, but the 5G Industry hasn’t done that!

Here is a short video clip of a Senate hearing in which the 5G Representatives are being asked questions about its safety and if they have done any safety tests and the representative hesently answers “No, they have not.”

Watch the video here!

This groundbreaking summit starts today, June 1st and ends on June 7th.

Today’s experts are:

Paul Heroux
Harmful Effects of 5G and Wireless

  • Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and metabolic disturbances
  • Non-thermal effects from wireless radiation
  • Technical problems linked to the Internet of Things

Magda Havas
Extensive Biological Effects of EMFs and 5G

  • Rise of “electro-hypersensitivity”
  • Impact of EMFs on your health
  • Simple solutions to protect your home

Jason Bawden-Smith
Critical Disruption of Mitochondria by EMFs

  • Central role of quantum biophysics
  • What are the business benefits of 5G?
  • Healing at the root level

Martin Pall
How Wireless Causes Harm (Part 1)

  • 9 different areas of harm from wireless
  • Chemical process behind the harmful biological effects
  • Why 5G is more dangerous than its predecessors

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health

  • 5G satellite insanity
  • Industry lobbying and captured agencies
  • Violations of human rights and informed consent
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Will you join me in learning the dangers of 5G and what to do to protect yourself, your loved ones and all life on the planet or are you going to take a wait and see attitude? 

I have faith in you, so I'll see you at this important learning event! 

Love and Light,
Don Clay
Founder and CEO of Pure Light Global

This is a critical stage RIGHT NOW, because as 5G continues to roll out without our consent, it will become more and more difficult to have it removed. Click here to watch today!

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